Society of Natural Science

 October 03, 1986

Nowaday, the scaryest problem which is showing in world of human beings is the matter that human beings do not try to know truth of problem that exist within oneself.

Falsehood is preceding truth, and human beings mutual disbelief exceeds individual's problem, human being is making tendency which despising human being.

Reason that religion is asserting God because do not know way of human being, and reason that politics do not succeed in embodiment of social justice can be the very urgent and important matter which human beings must know.

Nowaday social phenomenon is making a shocking matters to human beings that have lived in the world for billions year and kept way of human being within great many changing period.

The more surprising phenomenon is ignorance of human being that modern conveniences produces.

Extremely widespread material civilization diseased conscience of human being, and looked away justice that is human nature.

These matters are actual situation of degenerate age and it is assignment in this age that can not overlook at all.

Now, our world does not exist depending on force of human being, and more roles are divided depending on force of science.

These facts are doing dangerously role of human being that human being was dependent on within human being.

Force of science that is growing so much so that fearful, and mind of human being that is more and more effeminating are in state that may explode to any matter when where.

Truly, hurt of heart is fact that human beings in these age try to forget the these matter and doing not want to know truth about these matters.

Now, mission in this age that we should do that must know truth of 'How exist these matters nowaday', and must inform about truth that exist within us.

These activity, human being will make reliance to human being, and will become solution that show new way of human being for human being's life.

Therefore, we recognize profoundly these mission, and establish a Society of Natural Science for human beings who wish to do together intent.








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