I send this message to you in order to prevent the destruction of the human world and the way to the extinction of the mankind.

The reason why I should send this message to you is that the work can not be postponed any longer in the present situation, and that I can not succeed in the work without the cooperation of people.

The reason why I worry about the situation is that I believe that my wisdom and information are necessary for those who want a way of life at the present time having "Period of Change"ahead.

I think that the contents which I insist on must be verified by this generation and that your people and country should know what important value this work has for this era.

Nobody can get out of the tragic Conclusion which has come down in the human world. As far as things in "Period of Change" are not understood, nobody can acquire a way of life.

Then, Let me tell you how I can explain about these kinds of things so easily.

I am aware of secrets which make things of the world exist for a long time and I can reveal things in "Truth" which make things of the world exist actually.

I can reveal the reality in individual consciousness of people and I can find the answers which are made through what had happened during life in the  world of life.

I can show the method to diagnose, prevent and cure diseases by using energy in a human body in a situation where medicines are not available.

I can confirm miscellaneous problems in whole world and solve them.

I can also reveal things which nobody can confirm so far and this fact makes me bear a burden of this era.

I have not contributed to any countries or any societies and have not acquired any personal cooperation.. I do things entirely alone.

Help me.

I hope that my wisdom and my ability will not be in vain. Therefore, I really ask a favor of you in order to be able to keep in contact with any groups or people.


Sincerely yours,





President   Lee Sam-han





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