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the Master TATHAGATA


Master Tathagata invites you to consider these themes and his views as part of a philosophical and intellectual discourse. In return, he asks for an open mind, an inquiring attitude and a willingness to measure his words and beliefs against the realities of human history and the present word. It is his wish that in listening to him. fielding questions and judging for oneself, one might learn more about the nature of life and the world.


Tathagata's Background

Master Tathagata was born Lee Sam-Han, in South Korea on February 21st 1942. His father was a poor farmer, and the family did not own any land or means to make much of a living. His father died when he was one, and he was orphaned at nine when his mother passed away. At the age of twelve, he left for the city, and from then on, he looked after himself without the help of others.

At the age of twenty-four, Lee Sam-Han entered politics but was unsuccessful in running for a seat in the National Assembly. He married at thirty-three, and five years later, tried running for a seat again with the support of his friends and associates. South Korea in those times was under an autocratic militaristic regime. He failed, but his brilliant leadership and eloquence, coupled with his outspoken views against the authorities, did not go unnoticed. He was put under surveillance and subjected to persecution from the ruling elite.

At the age of thirty-nine, Lee Sam-Han cleared off his own business, ceased all political and social activities, and spent the next six years as a private citizen. In 1984, at the age of forty-four, he achieved a state of understanding which he knew as Enlightenment, and took the name of Tathagata.



1. I know the things of mankind's Birth and Conclusion. I can tell you what will appear throughout the Changing Period and the result of what will happen in the Changing Period.

2. I can solve the problems in the world which nobody has so far been able to reveal. I can tell you the result of what will come to exist through life.

3. I know the secret of what exists in the world after death. I can also explain about the spiritual world which has not yet been correctly understood by the human world.

4. Without using medicines or tools I can give an accurate identification of the causes of diseases. I can introduce a new method of treatment using the energy which exists inside the human body.

5. I hope that there will be interest in and confirmation of my claims from many people. I hope that my life will be a real blessing for this age.








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