Introduction about
the Society of Natural Science


Natural science can say the mankind best knowledge that it is treasure house which is hidden.

Is far superior than things which this Society is clearing a lot of matters about parts that human's ceremony does not arrive, and the contents announces world some group or individual in standard or truth of value.

Is established company by purpose to this Society for happiness pursuit of study and human world about mankind, find out solution of problem and problem of works which have existed in natural world, and informs the result.

This Society was established by individual's activity on October, 1986, and introduce genuineness through hundreds meeting meetings against university and group and individual in country of world over 30.

Contents that is clearing in this Society are contents that can not have contacted someone.

1. Announced Wonchikron that solution about all is possible by one formula.

2. Byeonhwagi's role and this age that do human birth and close be inform matters of wave and inside about problem to know and solve.

3. As study about living things, is presenting solutions that is in problem about activity and the result of living things.

4. Is informing the matters which is in the God's world that human world does not know justly, and inform about reason and events which is happened in human's world by God which the god is been existent within human's life.

5. Specially, is recognizing correctly another person's disease because uses energy of human body and present way that can treat, and treatment is enabling disease of field that can not have observed method that treat disease that oneself has by own very easily as information.

6. Works of field that this Society which see additional is announcing could not consider the trick, and have presented solution about problems of country and society family and individuals.

7. It is making the best meeting this age by doing to apply Wonchikron and gets the result to problems that other person wishes to know in process that inform some group or parts that individual does not clear in the world as this Society has acted that should observe more.

This Society wishes to spearhead to advise, and finds out the result about every fields that human world have sought by ceaseless activity forward.

This Society for solution of problem of human world, is asked without limitation through possible various path, and wishes to contribute greatly in work which improve quality of life for human world through supply of new knowledge.








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